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Turn what your users say into what your team builds

Act on every voice of the customers, even if the crowd is loud

You don't have to read all thousands of pieces of user feedback. Get an objective report of your users' top pain points, bugs, and feature requests from unstructured data sources and build what is essential to them right now

Talk to your user as they sit in your room

Users' interview has never been that accessible! Ask any product or experience questions and get an answer based on thousands of users' opinions they shared with you over text or voice

Stay tunned

Your product evolves and your users' experience shifts! You will never miss new requests, complaints, or excitement they share! Anecdote new feedback near realtime and make you aware if there is something suspicious on a horizon

Who are we

How it works

Your own GPT

Heard about ChatGPT? Now it works side by side with your team, and analyzes every bit of information your users produce! GPT summarizes surveys, listens to support calls, and scans social networks and app stores to guides your roadmap!

Fast integration

We connect with over 99% of all the existing sources to access your user feedback in an instant, no-code manner. CRMs, Survey services, customer support solutions, App Stores, and Social Networks, review websites and forums, 

How it works

"Saves 3 days every month to prepare for NPS all hands updates"

360° view

Kanika Dutta, PM

We are mostly using the platform for exploration. We keep finding new fantastic insights.

Luke Dember, CEO

It doesn't take us a month to spot and solve a problem. If we see a bug we can resolve that issue right away

Sarah Chalke, Ops & CX

Anecdote saves at a minimum, half a day's work
Human-level precision

"Super detailed and accurate"

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